The Benito Juarez Experience


April 18, 2017
The Benito Juárez Experience is a podcast about politics, society, and culture. It provides a unique perspective on those issues from a Latinx point of view. In each episode Luciano Joshua González (blogger: Sing/God @ Patheos) and Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera (blogger: The LatiNone) explore a topic and discuss how it's connected to the secular Latinx experience in the United States and beyond. As two of the leading Latinx voices, Juhem and Luciano provide a fresh perspective on American politics and the growing secular movement in the United States. 

Banner Picture: Año de la constitución de 1857 y el Pensamiento liberal mexicano (mural by Víctor Federico García Limón (1907-1995)) under Creative Commons License by De Picoletto

Theme song: "Juárez no debió de morir" by Acerina y su danzonera.

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